Betta Fish

Did you know that betta fish are one of the most popular pet fish? Betta fish and goldfish where the most common pet fish but if you are stuck between them here is the difference and similarity Goldfish and betta fish need little care. Goldfish need a ten gallon tank while Betta fish only need a eight gallon tank. Betta fish and goldfish are both inexpensive fish. Both males of betta fish and goldfish attack other fish. So now you can choose which one you want.

Betta fish come in all different colors. Some are dull and some are bold. Betta fish come in three different categories of colors. The first category is solid colors. The solid colors are brown, cellophane, white opaque, yellow, orange, red, Steele blue, royal blue, green, turquoise, copper, and black. Some two tone betta fish are Cambodian, green-blue combinations, and chocolate. Other patterned colors of betta fish are butterfly,marble, and the piebald. Now you see what colors they come in. Http:// have questions,we have answers to
ALL your betta fish problems!! Here the answers to simple betta fish questions and answers. How old can a betta fish live to be? 2-3 years old. How many species of betta fish are there? There are 28 different species of betta fish.How long can a Betta fish be? A Betta fish can grow up to one to two inches.
Betta fish eat a lot less than other fish.
Betta fish eat only three times a week,while other fish eat everyday! Betta fish eat dried blood worms ,frozen bugs,tablets, and live worms. The reason that they eat so much less is because they are smaller than other fish. Betta fish are amazing creatures.
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